SUPR 2 CLEAN sells leather care products that both clean – and care in one and the same operation.
Our primary customers are Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Fitness Centers, Airlines, Ships, Hotels and Restaurants.
Our products are sold directly to large consumers, without expensive intermediaries.

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Adenosine TriPhosphate (ATP) measurements are used i.a. in connection with cleaning checks in the health care system.

ATP is found in all organic material and in human biological material, e.g. skin dandruff and secretions. ATP measurement is performed with a swab and the result can be read on the spot. An elevated ATP value provides a measure of whether a surface is contaminated with organic material and the magnitude of the contamination.

Since bacteria can only live in and by ATP, the amount of ATP is a measure of how many bacteria can be on a given surface.

Conversely – the less ATP – the less bacteria – no ATP gives no bacteria. Keep in mind that some of the bacteria are still as life-threatening as they were before the CORONA.

On only 5 out of 63 measurements, the result is below 100 and thus acceptable. The total of the measurements is between 132 and 523 with a total average of 312.14 before cleaning with SUPR 2 clean and 24.13 after cleaning with SUPR 2 CLEAN.