SUPR 2 CLEAN sells leather care products that both clean – AND care in the same operation.
Our customer segment is primarily Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Fitness Centers, Airlines, Ships, Hotels and Restaurants.
And our goods are sold directly to large consumers, without expensive intermediaries

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For 25 years I have used EFFEKTIV products at Gardehusarregimentets Hesteskadron, and I also sell them in my current saddlery company. Both products are incredibly easy to use. SUPR 2 CLEAN cleans fantastically well, is easy to use and at the same time cares for, so in some cases this one product is enough. EFFEKTIV leather conditioner is so quick and easy to use, while at the same time it is fantastically durable and it never spreads. I can only recommend both products.
– Saddler Jan Guldborg


We are super happy with SUPR 2 CLEAN. It provides fast and efficient cleaning with a high hygienic standard and is gentle on the cover of the couch. The user-friendly WETKINS are good in the daily cleaning between each patient on the couch, and extra care a few times a week is easy to manage. Good customer service and always fast delivery when we order products.
– Bogense Chiropractic, Hanne Nielsen


We were among the first to use SUPR 2 CLEAN to clean our seating furniture in our restaurants. We also had neat and clean furniture before, but after we now use SUPR 2 CLEAN, we see even nicer results every time we clean the seats. The product is also really easy to use. I can only recommend it.
– Henning Andersen, OWNER of BULL BURGER